Sunday, 27 April 2014

Motel Rocks Two Piece

Another post already, i must be on a role. 

First two piece I've ever purchased and I'm in love with it already!
 Such a fab deal! from a girl on depop for only £27 originally £57 from Motel Rocks .
Tried to break the pattern by purchasing some items which actually have some colour instead of dark colours. 

Purchased this coat a while back and i must say its probably my favourite, so warm and comfy and goes well with pretty much anything!

Two piece (Motel Rocks)
Coat (Topshop)
Shoes(River Island)

Hope you liked my second post, and ill hopefully post again soon!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Back To Blogging

 So i've decided to get back to blogging.. third time lucky ey'?!
 Thought i might as well take the opportunity to take pictures today as the weather was so nice! 

Picked up these shorts the other day from Topshop, you may see a pattern throughout the up coming weeks as my wardrobe consists of mainly black, white and grey..oops!

 Going to try a break the pattern and actually buy some colourful clothes and embrace spring a little in the upcoming weeks. 

Grabbed this jacket (actually paid for it, i'm not a thief haha) last year in the sale from Zara, it's probably the most out going item (when it comes to colours) that i own!

 oh and did i mention that i only brought the jacket to prevent my sister from having it mwahahah sister lovin'

So i hope you like my first post, and i'll hopefully be blogging weekly.

Shorts (Topshop)
Bomber Jacket (Zara)
Cami (Topshop)
Coltrane Dupes (River Island)
Socks (UO)
Necklace (Cape Verde)