Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Back To Blogging

 So i've decided to get back to blogging.. third time lucky ey'?!
 Thought i might as well take the opportunity to take pictures today as the weather was so nice! 

Picked up these shorts the other day from Topshop, you may see a pattern throughout the up coming weeks as my wardrobe consists of mainly black, white and grey..oops!

 Going to try a break the pattern and actually buy some colourful clothes and embrace spring a little in the upcoming weeks. 

Grabbed this jacket (actually paid for it, i'm not a thief haha) last year in the sale from Zara, it's probably the most out going item (when it comes to colours) that i own!

 oh and did i mention that i only brought the jacket to prevent my sister from having it mwahahah sister lovin'

So i hope you like my first post, and i'll hopefully be blogging weekly.

Shorts (Topshop)
Bomber Jacket (Zara)
Cami (Topshop)
Coltrane Dupes (River Island)
Socks (UO)
Necklace (Cape Verde)